Audiometric Screening

Audiometric assessments are an essential safety requirement at many workplaces.  The hearing of workers exposed to noise can be monitored through regular audiometric tests. Testing is an important part of a hearing conservation program to manage risks from noise exposure in a workplace. Safety Acts and Regulations place the responsibility on the employer to manage and prevent hearing loss at work and Codes of Practice are produced to assist an employer in meeting this responsibility.  Any changes in a person’s hearing levels revealed by audiometric testing should be investigated as to their cause(s) and the need for corrective action.

Labourforce Safety can assist your business with all requirements by providing convenient and efficient sound level measures of noise exposure in your work environment and we also conduct employee audiometric hearing tests.  All hearing tests conducted are compliant with AS/NZS 1269 – Occupational noise management – Auditory assessment.

Your testing program should include:

  • An initial audiometric test carried out within three months of commencing work
  • An audiometric test within 24 months of the initial test for comparison
  • Follow up monitoring audiometric testing every two years

At Labourforce Safety we can assist you with:

  • Testing at our clinics or on your site
  • Pre-employment testing of all potential employees
  • Systematic testing and sound level measurement to support your testing program
  • Injury and hearing loss prevention recommendations
  • Same day reporting on individuals
  • Company profile and worker result data retention for analysis and long-term tracking
  • Assistance with Workplace Health and Safety Code of Practice compliance preventing hearing loss at work