Partners in protecting your workers and business

Established in 2013, Labourforce Safety has offices located within major industrial hubs across Australia and New Zealand.

Labourforce Safety forges deep and long lasting partnerships with the goal of becoming an inseparable, valued resource to the health of your workers and the safety of your business.

Importantly, our corporate principles and ethics ensure we will never cut corners nor will we burden you with unnecessary testing or procedures simply for the sake of ‘ticking boxes.’

As your partners in safety, we understand that there is no ‘one shoe fits all’ approach, which is why we tailor every engagement specifically to your business requirements.

Our professional staff work collaboratively with you to bring a highly commercial focus that helps protect your business and your bottom line.

Our corporate commitment is to do what is right for your workers and your business in order to build collaborative long-term partnerships.

All in all, Labourforce Safety provides the know-how you want with the commercial principles you need to protect both your workers and your business.